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Flood Insurance

In the wake of floods, you may face significant property damage and costly financial losses. Even the most well-maintained or structurally sound buildings may eventually be impacted by floods, and lacking appropriate preparations could leave property owners and tenants facing devastating fiscal ramifications. Fortunately, flood insurance can help.

What Is Flood Insurance Coverage?

A flood insurance policy may be one of the most important investments a homeowner or business ever makes. Standard insurance policies often exclude floods as covered perils, meaning separate flood coverage must be purchased to ensure appropriate financial security.

While the exact details of flood insurance may vary, policies can typically provide coverage for the following:

  • Structures, including their foundations, roofs, walls, plumbing and electrical systems and attached fixtures (e.g., paneling, carpeting and cabinets)
  • Contents, such as electronics, furniture, clothing, machinery, merchandise and appliances

How Much Does Flood Insurance Cost?

Flood insurance premiums can vary significantly depending on a policyholder’s unique circumstances. Flood insurance companies often consider the following criteria:

  • Structural details (e.g., age, number of floors and building materials used)
  • Location
  • Lot layout (e.g., grading, elevation and proximity to nearby bodies of water)
  • Value of insured property
  • Coverage limits
  • Deductibles

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